I think are my busiest/most productive day of the week. Today has been filled with laundry, cleaning, pattern writing, working on a tutorial for Friday's new weekly feature, and planning some new classes (a few fall/winter and then some for spring), so far and the day still isn't over yet. Yesterday, I did manage to get all of X's underwear finished up, washed it today, and now its put away in it's new home in his drawer...

I ended up making about 15 pairs for now (hopefully enough to make potty training go somewhat smoothly), next month I plan on making a few adjustments to the pattern, grade it and make the next size up. (They are made out of t-shirts and 1 1/2" knit elastic.) That was the only sewing that I squeezed in over the weekend plus a little trip to Joann's for the latest issue of Threads magazine. Now its time to relax a little, watch some reality tv and work on a few more projects. Have a good rest of the night!

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  1. Fun stuff. I want to make undies for my girls now. And me. How is the magazine?