An and of an Era....

I have made a change in my blogging platform! Blogger and I have been pals for quite sometime, but I have made the switch to a Typepad blog. In a few weeks I am closing this one down, so please up date your readers or follow me on bloglovin 

see you over there! A new post arrives tomorrow morning!!!


A little bit of this and that...

These first few weeks of September seem to be flying by! I have been dreaming, list making, and goal-setting in between all my normal everyday stuff. X has started kindergarten (a new schedule to really get into), I have made some career decisions that will be awesome for my family and I will get to live some of my dream! More on that later! Here's a peek at what I have been doing:

I am so completely excited that it is the start of fall around here! We made a new Autumn Bucket list which I must say is pretty awesome. My first real football season experience with a die hard football kind of guy! (I really don't know anything about football, but it is a great reason to do lots of cooking!) Some autumn decorating has already commenced and I have some plans for more! There have been some amazing storms, cross-stitching (I am a lot farther now) and just lots of newness this year. This is going to be one cozy season! 


September, here you are...

the start of my favorite season, the feeling of coziness starting to drift in, the beginning of fresh starts (back-to-school season) and the shifting of the weather. This fall is going to be full of changes, new routines, new memories, and hopefully lots of happiness through tons of hard work.

Towards the end of summer, my crafty/sewing mojo has made a striking comeback. I am ready to create, make, paint, decorate, and bake. One of the first projects I tackled was a table runner for my boyfriend. One I was looking to surprise him and two I knew he would appreciate me taking the time to make something just for him.

I used a mini charm pack and fabric that has been in my stash for what seems like forever. It only took me a day to work on it in between working on some handbags for my grandmother that are almost finished. I really loved how it turned out and is still very manly while adding a little bit of fall color to his house. Now that most of the hot days are behind us, my studio will be a little cooler in the afternoons, so I am going to be cranking out a whole bunch of projects!

Here's to the changing of the seasons!


August 31 :: Smile

thanks august, for being another one for the record books it was an amazing time and I can't wait to see what kind of adventure this next month brings (hint: there are going to be some really awesome changes around here!) 

August 30 :: Sign

the sign of all the good times that were expected/had at our local county fair! 

it was a great time and this was one of my favorite photos from the night:

August 29 :: Your Fave Thing

all the people, family, and love in my life. At this point in time I couldn't even dream of asking for anything more than just being surrounding by my loved ones.