Quilt Along Day 6

okay, let's finish the mini-quilt up...

All we need to do is sew the binding down to the back, here we go...

grab your needle and thread

fold the thread in half and tie a double knot at the end.

start a little bit in from the corner... i work right to left with my quilt laying out in front of me, but go the way that feels best to you.
so this is my process start with 1 (in the binding) straight back to 2 over to 3 (in the quilt backing), across to 4 over to 5 (in the binding) back to 6 and repeat. You should only be able to see the thread (the black lines). Pull everything tight and you end up with this:

Continue all the way around and until you have finished...
Hope you enjoyed the quilt-along... stay tuned for some fun updates, some answers to questions, a fun contest/giveaway..

oh don't forget to add yours to the The Three Pumpkins Mini-Quilt Along Flickr Group

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