A picnic and a new dress...

Yesterday, my mom, Xavier and I went on a little adventure to the park for a picnic. When we got there is was also the Art in the Park event making the park a pretty busy place. The weather was perfect and after being sick it was great just to sit outside and get some sun along with fresh air. It also turned out to be the perfect opportunity to wear another version of this dress (found here and here). This time I used a light weight cotton instead of a knit and added facing along with an invisible zipper. 

The fabric is Zinnia from the Good Folks collection by Anna Maria Horner. There are few changes that will need to be made: 1) I feel like the armholes turned out a little bit to high, not enough to bug me just I feel like they should be a little lower. This is not an issue with the knit version. 2) The shoulder is a little wide, it gathered more with the knit, but again it isn't a real big deal. 3) I would make it a little smaller. I have been losing quite a lot of weight so it is actually fairly big on me. All in all, it will still be something that I wear quite often since it is pretty comfy and I will probably add a belt at the waist to dress it up a little. Slowly but surely I am making progress in added some new clothes to my wardrobe. Alright, off to eat some breakfast and get some sewing done, have a fun rest of the weekend! 

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  1. I'm glad you are feeling better.
    Great fabric.