Camera batteries...

are almost dead and I keep forgetting to pick some up from the store. August already seems like it is just going to fly by and fall will be here before you know it. My studio is filled with projects right now and I hope to show you soon, but I need to take some better photos of them. Some of the things look like this:

and this...

These two projects actually got finished up yesterday, it's so exciting to cross them off the to-make to-do list, now it is time for the pattern instruction writing and making all the how-to illustrations. I am also putting the final adjustments to my lounge pant pattern (I will have it available in children's 2T-6; 7-14 and women's 0-14). I will be teaching the lounge pant as a class at The Quilt Barn. A few more clothing patterns are in the works as well. Alright, back to my to-do list, have a great day!

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  1. This morning I was thinking I should make some lounge pants. Cool that you are makign a pattern for them.