What's on my nightstand, the magazine edition...

Lots of cooking, health & fitness: Women's Health (I used to be a Shape reader, but I picked up a copy of Women's Health several months ago & really felt like it was a great magazine with lots of useful info), Eating Well (looks like a bunch of wonderful recipes), Cooking Light (my cousin turned me on to this one and I have made quite a few recipes from several of the issues I have), and Everyday Food (I get this one on my iPad along with Martha Stewart Living). Plus, I have lots of fashion: Elle, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Lucky, and sometimes W, Allure, and Nylon. My magazine reading wouldn't be complete without a little bit of handmade: Mollie Makes (literally one of my favorites, it is simply amazing!), Mingle, Vogue Knitting, Threads, and Stitch. If you haven't been able to tell, I am a magazine addict (seriously, I love them!). What are your favorites that you can't miss?

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  1. I love Cooking Light. I just made the cheesy potato soup (I added bacon bits) from the current issue. For years I had a subscription and may just get it again!

  2. World Of cross Stitch, Cross Stitch Collection, Cross Stitch Crazy ... sometimes a knitting one or crochet one. not really interested in anything else.