It rained for a few days...

Which led to two things: missing my days in San Francisco (I am really feeling the nostalgia of that city these days, it my be my favorite place! The rain, the fog, the rain boots, I could go on and on...) and the desire to finish a project I had planned for over a year, to make a raincoat for x. I had already made this Oliver + s pattern (I have the paper version) in flannel. I loved it a ton and it really came together so quickly the first time, so I went ahead and picked up some oilcloth and flannel to make another one. Then it sat in the project to-dos pile for months and months. Last week, I went ahead and took some me time to get it done or else it wouldn't fit him by the time I made it.

I am kicking myself now for not making it sooner! It has become his favorite jacket and will probably only fit him this season but I love it!

I made a size 6 and it is lined with flannel. Now, I just need it to rain a couple more times :) keeping our fingers crossed!

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  1. I remember it raining a lot here in the spring so i bet it will get some use.
    Very cute jacket