Around here lately...

- lots of enjoying warm weather
-had a wonderful mom's day (a mini road trip with my mom, the bestie, & the kid = lots of fun, beautiful cards, laughter, shopping, and just a wonderful time, oh plus a rose from my dad)
- haven't had time to really do anything in the crafty land... :(
- did a little sunbathing
- the little man started preschool and loves it!
- working lots
- cooking & eating lots of yummy food
- contemplating about starting another cleanse
- planting the garden like crazy (it still needs a few more things)
- way behind on my to-do list
- really need to get back on the exercise bandwagon
- getting a new computer very soon, which is going to be so awesome!
- planned a vacation in June
- missing blogging
- loving riding my scooter to work
- enjoying all the time I have been spending with the fam!

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  1. you have been having a lot of fun haven't you. we have started our garden as well. hopefully the 9 tomato plants we have make it through! ;)