Tuesdays in the Garden

I decided to start a new weekly feature here on the blog: Tuesdays in the Garden. I am really excited about it and will be using it to show what's happening in my garden, garden inspiration, goodies that I find, and other gardening tidbits. This is really only my second year of really gardening and I love having a way to record what is going on with it, so I can change things that went wrong and know what went right. This is really a learning process that is for sure! This week I am featuring some things you can make (see still getting the sewing in ;) and things to wear and use).
 To Make: 
C- The Garden Gloves in Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross

To Wear:  

To Use:

In other exciting news, 3 photos of my little seedlings from last year were published in this book:

Alright, I am off to clean up the kitchen and bake some sugar cookies with X's help... Have a great rest of the day!!!

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