Dear Santa,

Here is what I am hoping for: 
I am hoping for a great next year and want everyone around be to be happy and have great things happy for them in 2011. As for items on my list it is fairly simple-
image from sephora
I wanted this last year but it sold out asap (*so awesome) details here

Either this shoe in teal suede:

image from jessica simpson colletion 
details here
or this one in black satin.

a barnes & noble gift card would be awesome 

some new jeans
image from anna maria horner web store
and finally a bunch of this fabric (velveteen especially) and this pattern, this one,
this one, and this one.

image from amazon
Clover Pom-Pom makers in all the sizes

and if I could have anything these would be it:

an ipad (the 64GB wi-fi model) would be awesome and would be so loved!
 image from erin jane designs
this ring from erin jane designs (have been in love with this since April)

XOXO, kz

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