A little bit of sewing...

This week i finished up one class sample (class is next saturday at the quilt barn!). This is the Pretty-as-a-picture Dress from the Handmade Beginnings book by Anna Maria Horner. 

the front (sorry the picture is a little wacky, but it has a lovely bodice!)

the back with some lovely gathers at the waist. I must say that I am in love with this pattern, if I had a little girl I would probably fill up her wardrobe with these. The size for this one is 18-24 months, I think that the sizing is fairly generous and could easily work as a tunic over leggings or the like to extend the life span of the garment. The pattern was super simple and took me probably 2 to 2 1/2 hours from start to finish (tracing the pattern and everything) and the instructions were very clear.

I also made a little more progress on this:

and of course no week would be complete with out starting a new project (i actually started it last weekend), but I finally caved and started the Single Girl quilt:

One of my most treasured sets of fabrics (my 2 plume charmpacks) are being used for the rings. I only have enough to make 4 rings (that is the baby quilt size) however I plan on adding a large border and making it into a throw for the couch or a fun little picnic blanket. So far, I have almost all the pieces traced and just need to start cutting them out. I am really excited to see how this one is going to come out plus it gives me a little something to work on while watching the real housewives.

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  1. I'm, like, totally jealous that you're working on the Single Girl quilt! It's on my ever growing To-Do-List. I just love that there are designers out there rethinking old design and modernizing even the ideas behind quilts... seriosuly, double wedding band? A lot of people don't get married or wait until they are much older. I just think quilting needs some modern ideas besides the old. Mind, I love the old vintage designs and such. I like both and am glad for the variety! Can't wait to see the quilt in progress!!